Chelna Desai

Chelna Desai

Collaborating closely with the finest artisans from Kutch, Maheshwar and Pochampally, we bring you our design lead Handwoven Stoles, Garments, Hand made Jewelry and Home Accessories.We believe the key to building a sustainable future for these unique craft traditions, lies in design innovation that integrates the essence of the past with our modern lifestyles.

Handwoven Ikat, Maheshwari and Kala Cotton fabrics are fashioned into crisp everyday wear suitable for both indoor and outdoor living. Our range of Camisoles, Tops, Sun dresses, Shirts and Jackets in simple clean cut silhouettes allow the intrinsic beauty of each fabric to be seen, worn and enjoyed.

Our Handwoven Stoles for women come in a range of colors and textures. Choose from the airy transparent pastels of Maheshwar, the textured Kala cotton extra wefts, Millspun extra weft cotton stoles accented with dyed with Natural dyes, and elegant Gajji silk Bandhanis of Kutch, to the fine featherd ikat cottons of Pochampally.

Our Contemporary range of Home Decor, woven in the Ikat technique from Pochampally, is a unique display of an ancient technique interpreted in a modern context. We offer a wide selection of Bedcovers, Runner & Mat sets, Cushions and one of a kind Wall Art ideally suited for today’s modern interiors.

Designed as Accent pieces, our Handmade Jewelry line of necklaces is created from a wide mix of natural and man made materials. Sourced from across India, each piece is individually designed in house and then finished by master craftsman of the Patwa community, whose ancestors strung jewelry for generations of Royalty.